Cost Of Renting A Boat For A Day In West Palm beach Florida And How To Avoid The Hidden Costs?

September 22, 2021

The cost of renting yacht charters is highly influenced by several factors and some customizable elements. Therefore, it often becomes hard for companies to show more or less accurate pricing. As a result, when committing to the deposit, you often discover some hidden costs that are mostly non-refundable. So, to help you out, in this blog, we will discuss the way how prices are formed for renting yacht charters. This will guide you to check the important things when booking the charters while avoiding all the hidden costs.

So, let’s check the details of the price components that you have to consider when it comes to renting a boat from the top boat rental place Palm Beach County Florida.

1. The base fee of renting a yacht charter: This is the basic price that costs when it comes to renting a boat. Unless it mentions that the yacht charter cost is all-inclusive, then you must check the things that are included and things that are extra along with the charter fee. In some cases, the yacht fee includes some compulsory extras like a welcome pack, transit log, or skipper. Even though these costs are compulsory, they can often be quoted separately to the clients.
2. Crew: hostess, skipper, deckhand, chef: Next thing you have to check is whether the charter fee is for crewed charter, skippered charter, or bareboat charter. As per general rule, catamarans and yachts over 50-55ft would need a minimum of one skipper and in some cases would have a crew of two. So, check whether the crew cost is included in the price of renting a boat for a day in West Palm Beach Florida. If the cost is not included, then it will be outlined for each crew member for the entire duration or each crew member every day.
3. Insurance and VAT: Insurance must be included in the charter boat. But the insurance type can often vary. So, you can always check the insurance type if you want and also check whether you will be covered as the guest. It is also a good idea to check it has personal liability insurance when it comes to renting a bigger charter. Also, check whether VAT is included already as in some cases this can be a bit hefty and can considerably influence the end cost.
4. Cost of food and beverages: In the boats or especially in the longer charters, food and beverage are generally available at an additional rate. They also depend a lot on your personal preference and your consumption history. For instance, some people prefer to get champagne and some more expensive products that cost a lot more. Usually, the yacht manager helps the guests to get provisions onboard from any trusted local partner from where the guests can order online, and then the items are delivered to the boat on the same day.
5. Port, fuel fees, and other types of boat consumables (electricity, water, etc.): These costs are generally not mentioned in the charter rate of boat rental Peanut Island in Palm Beach. The main reason behind it is that these are not fixed rates and can often fluctuate depending on the consumption level. The same applies to the Marina costs. If you are planning to spend each night on anchor, then the Marina fees would be near none or comparatively smaller than if you choose to spend nights berthed in the port or marina.
6. Security deposit: The security deposit generally applies to some charters. But this amount is completely refunded and generally pre-authorized on your credit card upon embarkation and it is then released upon disembarkation.

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